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Activities are open to all parish children, regardless of where they are enrolled in school. The  Athletic Commission, under the direction of the Parish Community Commission, coordinates team formation, recruits volunteer coaches, schedules practice times and manages equipment and uniform inventories. Team sports include: soccer, football, tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, and baseball.

Our Goals

  • Strive at all times to add Christian influence in all athletic endeavors.
  • Promote a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie among athletes by generating a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Create an atmosphere of competition and pride, in one’s self and the parish, within limits of good sportsmanship.
  • Enhance the spiritual, physical, social and mental development of children in our parish.
  • To further the moral principals received at home and in school on the field of athletic competition.
  • Provide an environment in which players have fun, learn to practice teamwork and cooperation, and improve skills in a particular sport.